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Dear Teachers and Staff --

This year, we’ll be using a private online tool called HEARD -- www.heardnow.co -- for all of our school communication.

We believe HEARD will help our community stay better informed and more engaged by streamlining all communication into one central hub while saving time, money and paper.

This tool is easy to use and works like many social networking sites you know. With HEARD, we can connect with one another, share information, organize events, enlist volunteers, and build community.

For teachers, HEARD will enable you to communicate more regularly with families about classroom learning, highlights from a field trip, supplies or help you need, or information about homework or an upcoming event. You can also create and send a newsletter via HEARD.

HEARD organizes communication by groups. We’ll have a group for our school, for each grade, and for each classroom. Other groups can and will be created, such as those for committees and sports teams. All groups live on one platform, but each one is secure and can only be accessed by those invited.

You’ll receive information about a training. Until then, you’ll receive emails inviting you to join groups on HEARD.

We ask that you please take 4 steps:

1. Confirm Membership

Accept membership to each group to which you're invited. You'll receive an invite via email. Click Confirm Membership.

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Emails of members invited to join a group on HEARD are automatically opted-in to group communications via email. Any person can opt-out of HEARD communications or adjust their notification preferences via the Settings page. To access the Settings page, click on your name at the top right of web version or on the menu icon at the top left on the mobile iOS app.

2. Ensure your profile is complete and accurate

Make sure your profile has your full name and photo. On the web platform, click on your name at the top right, then click My Profile. (On mobile, click on the top left menu icon -- 3 horizontal lines, then My Profile.)  

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Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.40.02 AM.png

3. Choose how often you want to hear from EACH group  

You'll begin receiving email notifications for activity happening in your groups. Adjust how often you want to receive these emails. Click on your name at the top right, then click Settings. (On mobile, click on the top left menu icon, then Settings.) Then click on the setting -- High, Normal, Low or Mute.

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Here, you can also choose a Daily or Weekly Digest — an email summary of group activity.

4. Add HEARD to your smartphone

HEARD works on any device and is viewable via your web browser. iPhone users can download a free app. Android users can Book Mark or Add HEARD’s login page to their device’s home screen. The sign-in page is: https://www.heardnow.co/users/sign_in.

The HEARD Help Center can help you use the platform.

We’re excited about the possibilities of this tool and encourage you to support our community by participating in and using it.   

Thank you!