HEARD in the Classroom: Staci

Staci - 5th Grade Teacher, @donutlovinteacher

HEARD is a parent teacher communication app; school communication tool

"In preschool, I was set on becoming a teacher because I loved learning. By middle school, I knew I needed the structure and organization of school and wanted that in my career. During high school, I decided that I wanted to work with kids because I felt a strong connection to children. Throughout college, I knew that my purpose was to empower young people because of the inequities in education that I both experienced and saw in communities. Though many teachers have deeply impacted me, I can't simply pinpoint one teacher alone that contributed to the work I do today. It was all of them -- the ones that saw me as a leader, the ones that pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and even the ones that told me I'd never make it to college. All teachers make an impact, whether positive or negative (hopefully, positive) and all of my teachers made a difference in the person I am today and the teacher I strive to be for my students every day in my classroom.”