Crayon shot.jpg

One year, a relationship with a parent was nearly destroyed after her son’s glasses were broken in a playground scuffle. That day, I focused on restoring the relationship between the two children involved and didn’t realize what had happened to the glasses. I wanted to explain that I prioritized human relationships over material possessions -- that was the reason for my oversight. But I decided not to weigh in further because I feared damaging a fruitful relationship between my student’s mother and I. But here’s the truth: Teachers are overworked. We’re human beings trying to keep all these plates spinning in the air -- applying a band-aid to a child, trying to manage somebody’s tantrum, trying not to lose the attendance form. Mistakes are made. We are understaffed. You can’t expect perfect outcomes if you have an incomplete set of crayons. And I’m one crayon in a box that should have 12. I taught your kid how to read and kept him safe every day. Let’s not put glasses ahead of academic, social, emotional and physical wellbeing.