Inviting People to a Group

Any member of a group can invite others to that group.

If a non-admin invites someone to a group, the admin of the group will receive an email alerting them to who was invited (with a link to their profile) and who invited them (with a link to their profile). They can remove the user if they choose.

If you invite someone to a subgroup of a larger group first -- i.e., a class, team sport, grade group of a school, that person will be automatically added as a member to the larger group of that subgroup. 

There are 3 ways to invite people to a group:

1. Invite via Directory Import

If you are a school or PTA/PTO that wants to invite an entire community and staff to HEARD, our team can help. Learn more in this article.

2. Invite via HEARD Site or iOS App:

  1. On the web platform, click on the group in the left side bar. (On mobile, click People on bottom menu, then click on the group).

  2. Click Invite People -- the middle icon in the top box.

  3. Choose what kind of member you want to invite:

    • Click +Add Class Leader (for group admins only) for anyone who should have admin access (i.e., teachers). Complete name, email, title and personal message fields. Click Send Invites

    • Click +Add New Members for non-admins (i.e., parents). Complete the To: field by entering the name of someone who is currently in one of your HEARD groups (their profile will automatically pop up and you can select it) or enter 1 or more email addresses (if that person is not in any of your HEARD groups). Customize the personal message. Click Send Invites

    • Click +Add Family Members to add your partner or children. For partner, complete fields and click Save. For child, complete fields and designate what groups you'd like your kid to appear in the Kids filter for that group. Click Save. To add a grandparent, nanny or caregiver, check out this article

The recipient will receive an email invite from HEARD noting that you have invited them. They will need to click Confirm on the invite to join the group and complete their profile. If they don't confirm, they will still receive email notifications for all activity happening in the group. 

3. Invite via Email Link:

  1. Click on the group you want to add people to in the left side bar.

  2. Click Invite People. You then have two options of inviting:

  3. Go to the Invite Link box and click Email Link to automatically create an email you can send OR Copy Link (i.e., to send via email or text)