Teacher Checklist

6 steps to make on-boarding to HEARD seamless for your classroom:

▢     Inform your class families. Email your class parents to let them know you’re moving communication to HEARD. Here’s a sample announcement letter you can directly send to your families, or edit as needed.

▢     Enlist Room Parent(s) to Help Manage. Assign room parents to add and remove members, post information you need, and moderate communication on the tool.

▢     Post content before your classroom community joins. Whether it’s a welcome post or photos from a recent event, this content will give your community something to see and engage in when they join.  

▢     Provide do's and dont's for posting on HEARD. Here are sample guidelines you can edit and share.

▢     Encourage adoption and participation. In order for HEARD to work effectively, it’s important that the entire community use the platform. Your encouragement can go a long way in making this happen

▢     Contact our team at HEARD to add the content you need:

Add links your classroom uses most. Email our team at support@heardnow.co with links to online content that your community regularly uses -- i.e., school website, lunch menu, handbook, etc. We’ll add these links to a special menu located on the right side of the main feed for easy access and reference.

Integrate your class calendar.  If you have a public Google calendar, contact us at support@heardnow.co to integrate it into the platform’s calendar.

What teachers are posting on HEARD

  • Welcome post telling families a little about you
  • Encouraging families to create a profile
  • "Picture of the Day" or "Weekly Snapshot"
  • Classroom highlights
  • Home-school connection 
  • Donors Choose project link 
  • Request for classroom supplies or volunteers
  • Newsletter (use Announcement feature on web platform for rich text editing)
  • Student work on the walls
  • Links to articles helping families support the work you do in the classroom and see the importance of their involvement
  • Field trip updates, photos, recap
  • Homework assignment, help or reminder
  • Ways families can get involved in the classroom
  • Asking families to share any special skills