Taproot Networks no longer exists.

You can find your community now active on HEARD -- a private, online hub for the many ways your school needs to communicate. 

Please visit https://www.heardnow.co/users/sign_in and sign in using your Taproot login.  If you used Facebook previously to login to Taproot, you’ll need to authorize the HEARD app (don’t worry, all of your settings and data will be saved).  

HEARD will work in much the same way you’re use to. We fixed bugs and made adjustments to streamline functions and make things easier. Additionally -- based on feedback from parents, teachers and school leaders -- we will be rolling out new features to HEARD in the coming months. 

Please note that the Taproot mobile (iOS) app no longer works. A HEARD iOS app will be available in August. Until then, HEARD can be viewed on your mobile, tablet and desktop via your web browser.

If you have any questions or having trouble signing in, please contact your school or our team at support@heardnow.co.

See you on HEARD!