School Administrator Checklist

10 steps to make on-boarding to HEARD seamless for your school:

▢     Inform your community. Email your community to let them know you’re moving communication to HEARD. Here’s a sample announcement letter you can edit and share.

▢     Designate a Community Manager. Assign someone to add and remove members and facilitate communication on the tool.  This can be multiple people responsible for each sub group or classroom, or one person responsible for the entire community.

▢     Post content before your community joins. Whether it’s a welcome post or photos from a recent event, this content will give your community something to see and engage in when they join.  For classrooms, we encourage teachers to post a welcome message to their class.

▢     Create groups, starting with groups for your school, each grade, each class and any committees.

▢     Get teachers on board first and encourage them to post content on a regular basis.

▢     Provide do's and dont's for posting on HEARD. Here are sample guidelines you can edit and share.

▢    Encourage people to create their own groups. Your community members can create other groups for members at the school -- i.e., room parents, an event planning committee for the annual fundraiser, sports teams.

▢     Add information about HEARD on your website. Here's suggested copy/links.

▢     Encourage adoption and participation. In order for HEARD to work effectively, it’s important that the entire community use the platform. Your encouragement can go a long way in making this happen

▢     Contact our team at HEARD to help:

Add links your school uses most. Email our team at with links to online content that your community regularly uses -- i.e., school website, lunch menu, handbook, etc. We’ll add these links to the right side of the tool for easy access and reference.

Integrate your school’s calendar.  If you have a public Google calendar, contact us at to integrate it into the platform’s calendar.