School Onboarding Checklist

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▢     Inform and train staff. Customize this announcement letter and send to your staff. Schedule a training for your staff or group admins (i.e., PTA, room parents)-- conducted online or in-person (in the Bay Area).

▢     Identify all groups that will be connected to the school group (i.e., grades, classrooms, school committees, faculty, etc.) and admins for each group.

▢     Determine whether the school group will serve as the group for parent-to-parent communication. If not, create a parent community group.

▢     Designate a Community Manager for this parent community group. Assign someone to post a welcome and outline purpose of the group (i.e., share resources relevant to school community, schedule playdates, no solicitation, etc.), monitor conversation, and add and remove members.  Multiple people can share this responsibility.

▢     Determine if subgroups should restrict public access.

▢     Admins can create their group (connecting it to the school group) and invite any other admins to the group. Your HEARD contact can also create these groups for you and invite admins. Just complete the Staff Launch File found here.

▢     Provide the HEARD team with school web links and calendar link.

▢     Our team can create a menu of web links that your school uses most -- i.e., school website, lunch menu, handbook, etc. We’ll add these links to the right side menu of the tool for easy access and reference.

▢     Our team can add your school’s calendar.  HEARD can integrate any public online calendar, like a Google calendar. Send us the link. We recommend updating events or adding any new events to your Google calendar, so that all events are automatically added/updated on HEARD.

▢     Customize announcement letter and community guidelines for families.

▢    Determine if you’d like to offer a training for your parent community. This can be done via a webinar, in person (in Bay Area), or we can provide a short demo video that families can view at their leisure. Include this information in the announcement letter.

▢    Identify date your community will receive invites to join HEARD. Include this date in the announcement letter.


▢     Inform community, sending the announcement letter and community guidelines you’ve customized.

▢     Add information about HEARD on your website. Here's suggested copy/links.

▢     Post content before your community joins. Whether it’s a welcome post or photos from a recent event, this content will give your community something to see and engage in when they join. For classrooms, we encourage teachers to post a welcome message to their class.

▢     Teachers can create right-side links to online resources for their own class groups. By clicking the "Add a web link for your school or group" on the right side menu (it'll appear below all other menus).

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▢     Invite the entire community yourself. Or download and complete a launch file for families and staff. We’ll upload these files to HEARD and your community will immediately be invited to the platform and their profiles will be complete with full name, their child’s name, and email address.

▢     Once the entire community is invited to the school group, admins can invite members to specific groups -- i.e., teachers invite parents to their class groups. Parents will already be in the school group, making inviting easier.

▢     Encourage people to create their own groups. Your community members can create other groups for members at the school -- i.e., room parents, an event planning committee for the annual fundraiser, sports teams.

▢     Encourage adoption and participation. In order for HEARD to work effectively, it’s important that the entire community use the platform. Your encouragement can go a long way in making this happen.