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Save Time. Build Community. 

As parents, school communication isn't the only thing you manage. Kids belong to other groups, like sports, scouts, and after-school programs. And you have your own personal groups.

Streamline communication for all groups into one secure channel on HEARD.   

  • Share information, photos, files and links
  • Create events and manage RSVPs
  • Enlist volunteers, request supplies, take a poll
  • Message parents without needing contact info
  • Translate content in the language of your choice
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Group Resources

Administrator checklist 
7 steps to make HEARD seamless 

Letter to parents 
Announce HEARD to your group

Community checklist
4 easy things to do when joining

Quick start guide
Basic features 

Community guidelines
Posting do's and dont's  

User guide
All you need to use HEARD

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