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Our Community Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting On HEARD

HEARD is our school’s online communication tool. It is a secure place for connecting with one another, posting questions, organizing events, sharing relevant information, requesting help, and anything else that helps build community spirit around our school. Think of it as a community bulletin board.

This community is not moderated, so if you post something, please assume that other people will see it. Here are some guidelines we’d like to follow as a school community:

Be Respectful

  • Please use a respectful tone and avoid ALL CAPS.

  • Remember that your message will be sent to many people, who are busy like you. Consider your topic’s relevance to others before posting, clearly state the issue in the subject line, and keep repeat posts to a minimum.

  • Assume we’re all people of goodwill doing the best for our kids. Differing opinions are expected and encouraged, but name-calling, disparaging remarks, and personal attacks are not.

  • If you have a concern with a teacher, staff member, or student, please address it privately rather than airing it in a public forum.

  • Avoid discussions about religion, politics, or other potentially inflammatory topics unless your post pertains directly to our school and is presented in a factual manner.

Be Responsible

  • Post about others as you’d have them post about you -- or your kids. Before you mention a child by name, ask yourself whether his or her parents would approve.

  • Use discretion when posting material from outside of our school. Please don’t forward personal information expressed here to anyone outside the group unless you get permission.

  • Recommend local businesses, services, events, and activities (particularly those that support our school!), but don't use HEARD as your personal marketing platform (i.e., no advertising).

  • Limit using HEARD to list items for sale. And please make sure anything that you do list for sale is related to families and school.  

  • If you have access to the “Announcement” category, please use it only for urgent school-related messages.

Though messages are not moderated before being published, the school administration may remove a post if it doesn’t fit these guidelines. There is no shortage of forums for political discussions and shopping, but there’s only one HEARD forum for our school. Let’s keep it helpful and courteous!