Class or Group Administrator Checklist

Follow these steps for seamless on-boarding of your classroom or group:

▢    Inform your community. Email your community to let them know you’re moving communication to HEARD. Here’s a sample announcement letter you can edit and share. Share this Quick Start Guide

▢    Designate a Community Manager. Assign someone to add and remove members and facilitate communication on the tool.  

▢   Create a directory of web links your group or class uses most. Follow these easy steps.

▢    Contact our team at HEARD to help integrate your class or group’s calendar.  If you have a public Google calendar, contact us at to integrate it into the platform’s calendar.

▢    Post content before your community joins. Whether it’s a welcome post or photos from a recent event, this content will give your community something to see and engage in when they join.  For classrooms, we encourage teachers to post a welcome message to their class.

▢    Provide do's and dont's for posting on HEARD. Here are sample guidelines you can edit and share.

▢    Encourage people to create their own groups. Your community members can create other groups -- i.e., admin group, an event planning committee, etc.

▢    Encourage adoption and participation. In order for HEARD to work effectively, it’s important that the entire community use the platform. Your encouragement can go a long way in making this happen