Administrator of a Group

Being an Admin/Leader of a Group

You are an admin of a group if you create the group or are assigned as an admin by the group creator. Giving someone admin or leader privileges gives them access to:

  • Assign other admins to the group (instructions below) or Edit a member's status to an admin. To edit a member's status, click on the group. Click People. Scroll to the person you want to edit. Click Edit.
  • Send important Announcement posts to the group. These posts bypass email notifications set to LOW and MEDIUM, so they are received via email. 
  • Delete, archive or rename the group.
  • Delete a post or comment from the group's feed.
  • Remove a person from the group.

Assign Admin/Leader of a Group

You can only assign an admin/leader to a group if you created the group or are an admin of the group. 

To assign an admin/leader to a group:

  1. Click on the group you created on the left side bar.
  2. Click Invite People.
  3. Click Add Class Leader.
  4. If the person your adding is already in a group you share, their name will pop up when you type their name in First Name. Select it.  If they aren’t in a group you share, complete the text boxes, including email address.
  5. Type their title in Title in Class -- i.e., Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Room Parent
  6. Type a message in the Personal Message box explaining the group and their role in the group.
  7. Click Send Invite or Send at the top right.