Features Overview

As parents who've been active members at several schools, we're using our experience to develop the best platform we can.

Keeping things simple on HEARD is important, so everyone can effectively use it - no matter their skill level with technology.  


Heard works on any device - desktop, tablet and mobile HEARD is a parent teacher communication app; HEARD school communication tool; HEARD school communication platform

What you'll experience on HEARD:

HEARD is a parent teacher communication app; HEARD school communication tool; HEARD school communication platform

Easy On-boarding
Set up and on-boarding takes minutes. The intuitive design makes it easy to begin posting content.

HEARD is a parent teacher communication app; HEARD school communication tool; HEARD school communication platform

Two-Way Communication
Families can communicate with school leaders, teachers, and other families to foster trust and community. 

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Home-School Connections
Family engagement in a child's learning is the most accurate predictor of student success.* HEARD helps teachers engage families with classroom insights and help families extend the learning at home.

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Many Ways to Access
Access HEARD on your mobile, tablet and desktop via four ways: web browser, mobile iOS app, email, and push notifications.


Photo and File Sharing
Share photos, files, and links. Contribute to group photo albums. Easily view and download to any device.


Many Groups; One Login
Have kids at two different schools, plus a scout troop, soccer team, and a parent book club? Access all organizations from one place.


Multi-Language Translation
Select your preferred language from dozens of choices. All content will be automatically translated.  


Familiar Feel  
Our clean, intuitive design works like other social networks you know. Post, comment, private message, create events, share photos and files.


Special post lets you send important news that reaches everyone, enlist volunteers, request supplies, take a poll.


Profile and Directory
Real photos and names make it easy to identify people and connect. Add contact or other personal information if you wish.


Calendar and Events
Integrate your school's calendar. Use HEARD to create an event, enlist volunteers, and manage RSVPs.


Group Creation
Create multiple custom groups -- classrooms, clubs, committees. Filter each group to view content by people, posts, or photos. 


With every post you send, you can see who has received it, read it, or failed to get it --ensuring no one is left out.


Newsletter Creation
Create a newsletter-style post with special formatting, photos, and links.


Quick Search
Want to schedule a playdate, but just have a child's first name? Simply search.


Custom Notifications
Adjust the frequency of email alerts for each group to be notified right away, get a Daily Digest, or nothing at all.


All your school's content on HEARD is archived indefinitely. Every member has access to these archives.

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*National PTA. 2000. Building Successful Partnerships: A Guide for Developing Parent and Family Involvement Programs. Bloomington, Indiana: National Education Service, 11–12.