How is HEARD different from other school communication tools?

In addition to providing a private place for schools and organizations to connect, communicate and collaborate, we hear from our current community that they enjoy these aspects of the tool:   

  • A tool for adult communication and collaboration only. No students are allowed on the platform.

  • Everyone has the same access to the same features to help enable dynamic, two-way communication, encourage engagement and build community. Everyone can create their own group, private message, create a post, comment, receive a dashboard on their posts, remove or flag inappropriate content, etc.

  • The clean, modern and intuitive design works similar to other social networking sites and the simple feature set enables everyone -- no matter their technology skill level -- to onboard quickly and easily use the tool.

  • One platform for the many groups you get communication from. On HEARD, you have the ability to create groups inside or outside your school. If you are a parent and have kids in different schools or want to manage communication of your child’s sports team, scouting troop or your personal book club, you can create those groups and manage all communication on one platform. Similarly, if you are a teacher or school leader, you can consolidate and manage the communication of outside organizations (your child’s school, boards, committees, professional networking group, etc.) on HEARD.