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Getting Started 

  • Create an account for your school or organization
  • Teacher? Create a classroom group
  • Parent/Coach? Create a group
  • Join a school already on HEARD
  • Create a profile
  • Add family members to your profile
  • Adjust email notification and language settings
  • Create a group

Communicating on HEARD

  • Create a post
  • Create a post from your email
  • Share photos, files, links
  • Private message
  • Organize gift for teacher(s)

Special Announcement Post

  • Announcement post - share urgent news, enlist volunteers, request items, take a poll
  • Announcement - edit, save, format

Being an Admin to a group; Assigning an Admin

Calendar and Events

Deleting, Reporting Posts & Comments

  • Posts - delete, hide, archive, report
  • Comments - delete, report
  • Maintaining etiquette on HEARD


  • Create a group
  • Being an Admin of a group
  • Invite people to a group
  • Invite person to be admin/leader to a group
  • Remove people from a group
  • Rename, archive, leave or delete a group

Read Receipts, Dashboard

Search and Filter

HEARD on Mobile

  • Download iOS app
  • Android bookmark
  • Push notifications

Deleting Your Account


All schools administrators and teachers who join HEARD get resources to help onboard their school community or class parents, including:

  • School administrator checklist - 10 steps to help make using HEARD seamless 
  • Announcement letter for school and classroom parents
  • HEARD Quick Start Guide - The basic features everyone should know
  • Community member checklist
  • Community guidelines - Do's and dont's when it comes to posting on HEARD
  • School website copy...and more