Community Checklist

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5 easy steps you can take to help make using HEARD effective for everyone:

▢     Join HEARD and accept membership in all the groups you’ve been invited to - i.e., school, grade, classroom, committees, etc.

▢     Complete your profile, using your real full name and photo. Doing so creates transparency and enables people to easily identify one another, which helps build community.  See the Quick Start Guide

▢     Adjust how often you want to receive emails notifying you of activity happening in your group and choose your language preference. See how in the Quick Start Guide.

▢     Add your child and partner, so that your community can get to know families.  This facilitates arranging playdates and identifying families.

▢     Read your school or group’s guidelines for posting on HEARD. HEARD is not a moderated platform, so please use your communication and social media etiquette instincts to keep your posts respectful, brief and related to your school community (i.e., no advertising). Also, please keep in mind that some members may be relying on Google Translate to translate the content, so keeping language simple is key for accurate translation.