Communicate Easier. Engage Families Better.


Schools and students grow stronger
when families, teachers and
administrators work together.

HEARD makes this easier with one private and dynamic hub for the
many ways your school, PTA or classroom communicates.

Watch how HEARD helps schools and classrooms

Watch how HEARD helps schools and classrooms

School and parent communication platform and mobile app
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Testimonial - Heard school communication platform makes communication easy between families and school staff.

Works on Any Device, In Any Language

Testimonial - Heard streamlines communication from many groups into one secure platform
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Connect easily with others on Heard school communication platform - screen shot


Connect with anyone; keep contact details private.

Parent-to-parent communication.

Manage groups in and outside school.



Two-way communication.

Post, comment, private message; share photos, files, links.

Home-school connections to support student learning.

Heard communication platform - screenshot
Collaborate easily with Heard school communication tool


Create custom groups.

Enlist volunteers, take a poll, schedule conferences.

Integrate calendars; create web link directories.


Relationships Matter

Family engagement in a child’s learning at school is the most accurate predictor of their success.

HEARD helps parents feel like partners, so they can engage.

  • Two-way communication between school and families and among parents.

  • Same access to features for all members.

  • Ways to help teachers engage families in the learning.

Heard school communication platform helps parents and schools work together

Parents and Teachers Love HEARD

Heard is a game changer when it comes to school and group communication - testimonial
Heard school communication platform is convenient - testimonial

Many Organizations, One Login

Whether it's two different schools, an aftercare program, or sports teams - manage it all from one place.

Heard helps manage communication of multiple groups - school, aftercare program, sports teams, book club and more

Safe and Secure


HEARD is a private, invitation-only platform. 
Members control what information is public.

We don't disclose, rent or sell members'
private information.

Your group's content isn't exposed to third-party
search engines. 


Community-Minded Team


We're a team of parents who wanted
a better way to communicate at school.

We work alongside teachers, families and
school leaders every day.