Communicate Easier. Engage Families Better.


School communities grow stronger and students perform better when families, teachers and school leaders work together.

HEARD makes this easier with one private and dynamic hub for the many ways your school or classroom communicates.

 Click image to watch how HEARD helps schools and classrooms

Click image to watch how HEARD helps schools and classrooms

 School and parent communication platform and mobile app

All-in-One Tool
Accessible on Any Device, In Any Language

 Testimonial - Heard streamlines communication from many groups into one secure platform
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 Connect easily with others on Heard school communication platform - screen shot


Onboard in minutes.

Access entire school directory; connect even while keeping contact details private.

Enable parent-to-parent communication.

Create groups inside and outside school; manage all from one place.



Two-way communication between school and families and among families.

Post, comment, private message; share photos, files, and links.

Unique ways to help teachers engage families in student learning, so after-school conversations are regular, relevant, and meaningful.

Multi-language translation. 

 Heard communication platform - screenshot
 Collaborate easily with Heard school communication tool


Create custom groups for classrooms, clubs, committees.

Manage events, enlist volunteers, take a poll, schedule conferences.

Integrate a school calendar and other static and online resources.


Relationships Matter When Engaging Families

Parents are a child's first and life-long teachers.
So it's no surprise they want to engage in their child's learning at school. And this kind of engagement has
the biggest impact on student success. 
When families feel like partners, they engage.

HEARD enables two-way communication between families and school and helps teachers share home-school connections.


 Heard school communication platform helps parents and schools work together

 Heard communication platform is engaging social network for parents

HEARD plugs into the power of parent-to-parent connection. 

Families can easily communicate with each other to support their school and children.

Multi-language translation helps foster inclusivity.

Parents and Teachers Love HEARD

 Heard is a game changer when it comes to school and group communication - testimonial
 Heard school communication platform is convenient - testimonial

100% of teachers surveyed would
recommend HEARD to fellow educators


Many Organizations, One Login

Kids belong to many groups outside of school, which means a lot of communication coming from a lot of places.  

HEARD streamlines activity from many groups into one secure place -- whether it's two different schools, an aftercare program, sports teams, and scout troops.

 Heard helps manage communication of multiple groups - school, aftercare program, sports teams, book club and more

Safe and Secure


HEARD is a private, invitation-only platform. 
Members control what information is public, including their contact details.

We don't disclose, rent or sell members' private information to other companies, including behaviorally targeted advertisers.

And your group's content isn't exposed to third-party search engines. 


Community-Minded Team


We're parents who wanted to help our schools by creating a better
way to communicate that saves time.

Families, teachers and school leaders help us make this tool invaluable.
Our involvement at schools and in the community informs
our work and fuels our passion. 

Our vision is to empower schools to give families a voice in student learning, so they can be allies for educators and advocates for their children.