A Secure Online Space for Your School's Communication


School communities grow stronger and students perform better when parents, teachers and school leaders work together. HEARD makes this easier with one dynamic hub for the many ways your school communicates.

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"HEARD is a game-changer for me. It makes it easy to connect, stay informed, and get involved. It’s been integral to building a strong school community by helping us communicate seamlessly with teachers, staff, and parents."
- Robin, Parent


“HEARD has made communications between staff and families smoother and more efficient than email or our website. I love that it allows me to communicate immediately with families when something exciting happens in the classroom.” - Kelley, Teacher


Onboarding is easy.
No registration required for your community members to join.
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All-in-One Tool


"School communication was overwhelming. Information came from many places -fliers, website, phone, email, specific sites for photo sharing and volunteering. HEARD streamlines all activity into one place -- even if you have kids at different schools and also want to manage communication of a sports team."
- Daniel, Parent

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Easy set up and onboarding; no registration required.

Same access and features   for all.

Your entire school's directory at your fingertips.

Profiles with real names and photos to help you get to know your community.

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Dynamic communication.

Private message, post, comment, share photos or files, and more.

Choose your language and how often you get notifications.

See who's read your posts and who failed to receive.


Create custom groups for classrooms, committees, and clubs.

Integrate your school's calendar and add access to your school's website.

Create event notifications, enlist volunteers, schedule conferences, manage RSVPs.

Hear What Others Are Saying


"HEARD is incredibly convenient. I don't have to worry about getting bounced-back emails or if a student left a flier at school. It's also great to see parents connecting and helping each other, which takes some responsibility off me when a parent can answer a homework or field trip question before I've gotten to it."
- Kim, Teacher


Safe and Secure


Just like your school building, the online space your school communicates should also be safe and secure.

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Our Team


We're three parents who wanted to help our schools by creating a better way to communicate.

For nearly two years, we've listened to parents, teachers and school leaders to help make this tool invaluable. Our active involvement at public, charter and independent schools has and continues to inform our work and fuel our passion. 

Our goal is to help you spend more time engaging at your school
and less time organizing it.

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